“Community Health Centers”: Accessible Care for All

In the coastal expanse, health services falter, burdened by scarcity. Especially amidst healthcare struggles in Char Shonpocha, Bogura, and Khulna, economic constraints hindered access to medical aid. The lack of medical provisions in this region leaves communities vulnerable, underscoring the pressing need for accessible and comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Understanding the urgency of the situation, in a heartfelt initiative, Amal Foundation established Community Health Care Centers, offering free medical aid, nutrition packs, and affordable health services, addressing health disparities. The foundation also organized regular sessions on hygiene counselling and provided affordable health check-ups and pathology tests to help people in these areas.

As a result of the Amal foundation’s efforts, more than 30 thousand people received free medical aid, medicines, and nutrition-based food packs through the community health care centers in Char Shonpocha, Bogura, and Khulna. Additionally, the regular hygiene counselling sessions and affordable health check-ups and pathology tests helped to improve the health and well-being of the people in these areas.