“Fire Revive”: Immediate Assistance for Fire-Affected Areas”

“Fire Revive”: Immediate Assistance for Fire-Affected Areas”

Duration : 10 Dec 2023 To 15 Dec 2023

Location: Amal Foundation

Bangladesh has a long and tragic history of fire-related accidents resulting in massive damage across different parts of the country. Factors contributing to these incidents include inadequate fire safety measures, mob attack, electrical faults, negligence, etc. For example, In Majirpara village, on October 17th, 2021, establishments belonging to members of the Hindu community were set on fire by a mob. Families lost their valuable belongings. At least 20 homes were completely burnt in the village of Ramnathpur Union in the attack. In addition, a devastating fire in Mirpur-12 Slums has left over 1000 houses burnt, further exacerbating the hardships faced by an already impoverished community.

In response to the emergency crisis in Majirpara village, Rangpur District, where many families faced the loss of shelter, food, cattle, and more, Amal Foundation took compassionate action by distributing essential dry food support to alleviate the suffering of these families. Moreover, Amal took immediate action and went to Mirpur to assess the situation firsthand after the devastating fire in Mirpur-12 Slums. Additionally, the foundation distributed dry food and medicine among the slum people to provide immediate relief.

Amidst an emergency crisis, Amal exhibited deep compassion, swiftly engaging in actions that extended beyond distributing essential items to alleviate families’ suffering. Their immediate response encompassed a firsthand assessment of the situation in both locations, demonstrating a commitment to understanding and addressing the urgent needs of those affected.