Managing Plastics in Bangladesh: 2023 Conference

Managing Plastics in Bangladesh: 2023 Conference

Duration : 10 Dec 2023 To 15 Dec 2023

Location: Amal Foundation

Addressing plastic pollution demands a coordinated effort involving relevant stakeholders such as governments, private sector entities, civil society organizations, Indigenous communities, academics, and citizens. However, gathering these stakeholders is challenging due to varying priorities, interests, and levels of commitment. Conflicting interests, like profitability versus environmental advocacy, further complicate this endeavor.

To bring all the stakeholders at one platform and discuss further on how to manage plastic waste, Amal Foundation and US Embassy to Bangladesh, in association with Unilever Bangladesh, Pran-RFL Group, Chevron, Coca-Cola Bangladesh and Bangladesh Petrochemical Company Limited – BPCL organized a day-long conference titled ‘Managing Plastic in Bangladesh: 2023 Conference’ on October 30, 2023 at The Westin Dhaka.

The workshop’s discussion agenda spans for a day, encompassing five pivotal topics. The workshop provided a dynamic and inclusive platform where expert panels converge, brought together representatives from the private sector, government, civil society, and academia. The workshop aspired to nurture a shared sense of responsibility among participants representing a diverse array of Bangladesh. Beyond these expert panels, the eve extended an invitation for the submission of “Future Solutions” and case studies from a diverse range of contributors, including students, NGOs, businesses, and various entities.

The workshop divided into 5 sessions where 21 panelists provided their valuable remarks. Also, more than 130 people from 53 organizations attended the workshop. The conference speakers concurred that managing waste made of plastic is one of the most efficient ways to lower the pollution caused by plastic. The panelists continued by emphasizing the necessity for countries to raise public awareness to be strongly pushed to invest in order to construct global recycling infrastructure and get recycling capabilities and to concentrate on initiatives related to sustainability led by customers.