Project Climate Champ

Project Climate Champ

Duration : 10 Dec 2023 To 15 Dec 2023

Location: Amal Foundation

Climate change has a disproportionate impact on marginalized women, exacerbating gender inequalities and leaving them particularly vulnerable. As primary caregivers and providers in many communities, women often bear the brunt of climate-related challenges. Natural disasters often result in displacement, rendering women more susceptible to violence and exploitation. Additionally, limited access to education and resources makes it challenging for women to adapt to changing environmental conditions, perpetuating cycles of poverty and vulnerability. Addressing climate change requires recognizing and rectifying the gender disparities that intensify its impact on marginalized women.

In order to address this issue and to mitigate climate impact of marginalized women, a joint initiative was taken by Amal Foundation and EMK Center to empower Women considering the drastic effect of climate change on marginalized communities, especially in disaster-prone areas of Bangladesh. 

The objective of this project to help girls and women from rural areas aged between 14 to 22 years to sustain and mitigate the most difficult situation of climate change disaster. The project was conducted in Char Shonpocha, Sariakandi, Bogura. Around 40 women were provided girls and women with the necessary skills to be empowered and self-reliance through leadership, empowerment, animal husbandry and agriculture. 

40 women and girls have gained sewing skills via this project, and between 35–40% of them use their newfound ability to earn between 3,000 and 4,000 thousand BDT each month. Additionally, they are now extremely conscious of the effects of climate change and work to inform and educate others around them.