The Climate Warrior Project

The Climate Warrior Project

Duration : 10 Dec 2023 To 15 Dec 2023

Location: Amal Foundation

Climate change has a more significant impact on marginalized communities, worsening social and economic inequalities. Often located in low-lying regions prone to floods and facing water scarcity, these vulnerable populations are highly susceptible to extreme weather events. Addressing this issue, Amal Foundation, in partnership with United Finance, initiated “The Climate Warrior” project. This effort aims to empower youth to combat climate change by providing essential tools and knowledge. The project focuses on equipping people with the necessary resources to confront the challenges posed by climate change and contribute to building a more resilient and sustainable future.

This project aimed to encourage sustainability and empower communities to contribute to a more environmentally friendly future. It focused on Char Shonpocha in Sariakandi, Bogura, training on approximately 100 young individuals. The initiative involves providing essential skills training and resources in leadership, sewing-stitching, and agriculture. The goal is to foster the development of eco-friendly communities, empowering the youth with the knowledge and tools necessary so that in terms of any climate crisis they could stand up and earn a livelihood for themselves and their family.

The project has finished its first cohort and around 40 youth has already received the training. This project not only helped youth to be empowered through skill development but also helped them to realize how they were affected the most by the climate impact. Now, they are trying to be aware and also self-reliant.