Trash-to-Cash: Wheeling for Waste Project

Trash-to-Cash: Wheeling for Waste Project

Duration : 10 Dec 2023 To 15 Dec 2023

Location: Amal Foundation

In Bangladesh, Rickshaw pulling is a very common profession through most of the rickshaw pullers live under poverty. Due to their poor income, most of the time they cannot afford to meet their basic needs. Additionally, Bangladesh is one of the top plastic polluted countries in the world due to the mismanagement of plastic waste.  To find out a solution for both of these problems, Amal Foundation initiated a unique project to bridge the gap between these two. 

Amal conducted a project in small scale titled “Trash-to-Cash: Wheeling for Waste Project” in Bogra and Dhaka with 20 rickshaw drivers in each districts. The concept was to attach a portable bin bag at the back of the rickshaw, into which passengers can drop their trash and also into which the rickshaw puller can, at his discretion, pick up trash of the road in exchange for payment once it is full. The rockshaw drivers were chosen who are best suited to pull the rickshaws with big bag connected to them and also act as a garbage collector. After collecting the waste, the drivers sold these wastes to vangari directly.

The impact of this project was quite significantly as they result was very prominent. This project allowed the Rickshaw puller to earn more than their regular wages. This not only increased the income of the Rickshaw puller but also created a great systematic way to manage the throw away plastics.