Tumi Shompurna Project

Tumi Shompurna Project

Duration : 10 Dec 2023 To 15 Dec 2023

Location: Amal Foundation

In disaster-prone regions like coastal and Char areas of Bangladesh, residents struggle to secure stable incomes due to recurrent natural calamities destroying small farms and businesses. Women, predominantly reliant on men for livelihoods, face economic hardship, resulting in unmet basic needs, perpetuating gender disparities, and contributing to the alarming issue of child marriages.

To break this chain, Amal Foundation has effectively delivered skill development training, fostering the creation of climate-resilient communities. In the ‘Tumi Shompurna’ project, a cohort of women received comprehensive sewing and stitching training over three months. Empowered with essential boutique skills, they are now prepared to tackle future challenges. Going the extra mile, Amal Foundation has generously furnished each certified individual with a personal sewing machine, ensuring they possess the necessary tools for success.

The project has trained around 21 women extensively in sewing and stitching. Through this skills, now these women are earning a decent amount of money for them and also contributing in their family cost. This has not only provided them with an income generating opportunity but also made them independent and empowered. They now have a decent position in the society.