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Being Independent for a Better Tomorrow

In the rural corners of Bangladesh, a rickshaw puller faces the relentless misery of limited income. His meager earnings barely sustain the essentials, exposing him to the harsh realities of poverty. Each day brings the struggle for survival, painting a poignant picture of the challenges endured by those with humble means. Similarly, Shahidul Islam, a rickshaw puller, found himself in the same predicament, grappling with the challenges of survival.

In the bustling town of Bogra, Mr. Shahidul Islam faced the challenges of life as a rickshaw puller, struggling to make ends meet by renting a rickshaw from morning till evening. More than half of his earnings went towards paying the rent, leaving little to support his family in their daily hardships.

Shahidul Islam, with three school-going children and elderly parents needing regular medical care, struggled due to his limited income. But with this little income, it was not always possible to provide them medicine and other medical treatments. It was also hard for him to pay his children’s education fee which almost lead to drop out of his children from school. Even someday his wife has to go out and ask help from the neighbors.  

“When you have a family consist of seven members and with a little earning, enjoying life is never an option. Despite working seven days a week, I struggle to support my family adequately. I can’t afford my children’s education or my mother’s medicine, leaving me feeling defeated for not being able to provide even their basic needs”.

Living a tough and challenging life, Shahidul’s perseverance caught the attention of the Amal Foundation. Witnessing his struggles, Amal provided him with a rickshaw, a resource that transformed his life. With this newfound empowerment, Shahidul’s earnings became a source of stability and solvency for his family.

Now, he no longer grappled with the difficulties of making ends meet. The rickshaw became not just a means of livelihood but a pathway to a more secure future. With a daily income of around 350 BDT, Shahidul effortlessly supported his family and covered the educational expenses for his children.

“With the help of Amal Foundation, now I have my own rickshaw. I don’t have to pay any rent. The money I earn, I support my family with it. The income I earn supports my family, ensuring three meals a day. My children can pursue their studies, and I can assist my parents with their medical needs. My wife no longer needs to seek help from our neighbors”.

In gratitude, Shahidul expressed his thanks to the Amal Foundation for turning his life around, shifting from the clutches of poverty to a life of solvency. The rickshaw not only provided him with a source of income but also became a symbol of transformation and hope for a brighter tomorrow.