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Today’s Zakat Receiver, Tomorrow’s Zakat Giver

Zakat is a special kind of charity in Islam that helps people in need. Giving Zakat can make someone’s life better by providing things like money, food, or resources for work. It helps create opportunities for education and healthcare, lifting people out of poverty. It’s a way to share and make the world a better place.

In the heart of Nilphamari, Bangladesh, a women named Nazly lived with her husband and children where she faced the challenges of life as a poor and vulnerable woman. Striving to support her family proved to be an uphill battle.

Nazly was the only daughter of her parents. She was talented and very much enthusiast in study. With her education, she wanted to become something. However, a devastating cyclone shattered those aspirations, plunging her family into poverty. 

“I vividly recall the day my father decided to marry me off, a desperate attempt to alleviate the burden of an additional mouth to feed amidst our struggles. The man I wed was twice my age. Within a year, misfortune struck again as my husband lost his job due to deteriorating health. Our once stable family of four, faced the harsh reality of survival, navigating through the tough challenges that life had unexpectedly thrown our way”.

Nazly understood that if she wants her and her family to survive, she has to take the matter in hand. She was desperately seeking for work and anything that would help her to earn money. But unfortunately, society doesn’t allow a woman to be independent and self-reliant. Amidst financial struggles, Nazly’s life took a turn for the better when Amal Foundation Zakat Campaign was introduced into her life.

Amal Foundation’s Zakat Empowerment Campaign uses Islamic charity (Zakat) to support marginalized communities. The project focuses on education, healthcare, and economic opportunities, aiming to empower individuals by providing financial aid and resources for sustainable businesses, like rickshaws, sewing machines, goats, and grocery shops. The goal is not just to give money but to make recipients capable of becoming future Zakat givers. Each year, the project addresses poverty in various ways.

Through this campaign, Nazly was bestowed by a sewing machine. This simple tool opened the door to a new chapter – a chapter of entrepreneurship. With guidance from the foundation, Nazly learned the art of sewing, transforming fabric into beautiful clothing.

“When I was little, my mother used to make clothes for us. I used to sit beside her and watch her making clothes. Seeing my mother, I also wanted to make such clothes”.

As the hum of the sewing machine filled her small space, Nazly’s skills blossomed, and so did her income. The foundation’s support not only offered financial stability but also infused her with a newfound sense of purpose and pride. Through her craft, Nazly became a contributing force in her community, creating garments and offering her services to others.

Reflecting on the transformative impact, Nazly expressed profound gratitude. “This campaign has changed my life,” she shared with a smile. “I never imagined becoming an entrepreneur, but now I am providing for my family and making a difference in my community. Thank you to the Amal Foundation for giving me this opportunity and help me to make my children’s life easier”.

In the tapestry of hardships, Nazly’s story became a testament to the power of empowerment and the ripple effect of a helping hand.