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December 29 2014 the journey started. The director of Amal foundation Esrat Karim eve with her
phenomenon skill of leadership she started Amal.

|| About Amal

December 29 2014 the journey started. The director of Amal foundation Esrat Karim eve with her phenomenon skill of leadership she started Amal. That time there were 5 members in Amal. Amal means authentic method of alternative learning. There were no physical office. Planning and meetings were held in different places. The first event of Amal was held in University of Dhaka in 2015 February. We shared love and happiness with street children. Then continuously Amal has done many events in different places. We had a great event with Joypur legs and Moyen foundation to support with prosthetic legs to the amputated people. In that event, volunteers had done their job spontaneously over the entire Bangladesh. That time we encountered a lot of challenges and difficulties. During that phase Amal couldn’t afford to bring any huge changes in the society, but they had the mindset of not looking back. Those hardworking and dedicated volunteers’ efforts has inspired Esrat Karim more confidence to run Amal.

But now the time has changed, we can stand for millions of people. We have worked with refugees and many other local communities in Bangladesh. Amal gradually started working with women empowerment. Has built a skill center for local communities. Amal has also focused on the long-term issue of poverty alleviation and empowerment of the poor in rural areas of the country. At present, Amal promotes income generation for the under privileged below marginal families, mostly landless rural people through skills development on healthcare, literacy, education and training. In Bogra. Amal built Uchchash School. Which is actually pre-school and also provided mental care. Every month there held health camps for school kids and local people. Not only in Bogra, the health care service and counselling is performed in different places around Bangladesh.

Amal foundation is concerned for every individual. We believe sharing love, care and happiness are the most basic important thing that can change peoples’ mindset. Considering this Amal designed few events for all people who needs love and support. Like - Eid-e-chai notun jama (new clothes distribution for Eid festival to street and underprivileged children) and Christmas (provide gifts distribution to underprivileged children) are the main events for sharing love and happiness. On the other hand, we believe those people who are suffering we should stand beside them under any circumstance. Amal works for emergency situation caused by environmental calamities and diplomatic crisis. Flood affected people, people who suffer in winter and also rohingya refugees are the main benefiters. Every year Amal stands by them. Amal has built a modern village in Teknaf for refugees. The modern village has medication care, proper bathroom and toilet, orphanage, religious education center (Maktab), clean water service and salter for the refugees. Amal also thinks about their economy and empowerment. There is also some seasonal event for below marginalize people. Winter clothing mass distribution and flood relief distribution are part of it.

Amal is non-profit organization with over 42 regular staff and more than 5000 volunteers’ works in entire Bangladesh. Most of the staff are the oldest volunteers, their dedication and hard works has taken Amal to the next level. Few years ago, Amal didn’t have a proper office but now because of the energetic crew all departments, it has their own working place.

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