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I am Moslema


8th December, 2019

I am 28 years old women. I lived a happy life, I had such beautiful dreams for my family. Small dreams they were. But they were my beautiful dreams. In my dream was my four children and husband, and our little cozy home. A home full of happiness, laughter, and joy.

Then one day I heard the army was killing all the people from the Rohingya villages. My heart stopped when I heard the army was advancing towards our village. I panicked and all I could think about was my children and husband. I screamed towards my children as they were playing in the fields. I could see in the distance the men in the fiends, people were being hacked to death. Houses were being set on fire. Women screaming in agony from the evil of men. With my eyes, I saw children being thrown into fires, horror-struck me.

I ran towards my children, I started to cry as I couldn't find one of my children. I gathered my 3 children and started to call out for my husband. My eldest told me that his father was in the fields, we ran towards the fields, we hid as we saw the army approaching the men, I could see my husband with his hands up, I kept my hand over my children's mouths. And suddenly they shot husband point-blank in the head.

My body froze as I tried to comprehend what I had just seen my children were shaking as was I. The army quickly moved on and I started to run, but I could not find my fourth child...I had no choice but to escape to save my remaining children. I didn't have time to grieve, or cry, I just had to protect my 3 remaining children.

We ran and ran that day, with nothing in our arms. No money or food. Just the clothes we wore. We finally made it into Bangladesh after 7 days. I thought my children would die as we were so hungry whilst escaping.

Every day I go from camp to camp to see if someone has found my child. Every day I wake up with hope, and every night I cry with pain. A pain that I never knew even existed. What will become of us I don't know, I know my dreams have been shattered. But now I just pray my children can stay alive...and one day I am reunited with my lost child.
This is now my only dream.