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My name is Sofura Begum


9th December, 2019

My name is Sofura begum and I am sixty years old.

Currently, I am living in the Rohingya refugee camp in Leda, Teknaf. I came here three days after Eid ul Adha. I came here to save mine and my family members life. I saw people’s blood in Myanmar. I saw such terror that I never knew such terror even existed. The cries of Rohingya are scarred in my mind.

The Myanmar army destroyed our village and killed our people. Hacked to death our children, raped our women and butchered them. Mercy wasn't even shown to a baby.

Now I am safe here. I sleep knowing no one will kill me, no one will kill my family. I have two sons and three daughters and four grandchildren. I am okay here but not happy. Because of my age, I am facing many illnesses like high blood pressure, I can’t eat properly, I have pain in my bones.

The food here is not sufficient for all our family members. Sometimes we boil leaves and feed our children. The other big problem is not enough to clean water and toilets.

I wish the world could feel our pain, maybe they will wake up to our plight.