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9th December, 2019

I am Hamida a 21 years old refugee. Now I am living in Leda camp in Teknaf. I was an ordinary person living a nice life with my children and husband. We were poor financially but rich in our moments together.

When the army came that day, we all panicked. My husband along with most of the other men was killed by the Burma army. I ran with my children and father. I knew if they caught us, we would be raped and butchered. We walked for 6 days, my children nearly died crossing into Bangladesh.

Now I am living in a camp with my father and my three children. I came here 2month ago. I have nightmares I see people are killed, burned everywhere In Burma. I can’t get these images out of my head.

We are very poor here, we have no money. Poverty creates desperation and that often creates exploitation as I see young women refugees often exploited. May Allah give us strength.
I am safe here but my father is sick I need to get him to the doctor but here are no doctors he is getting more sick day by day.

Please help.