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Break The Silence 02


15th December, 2019

'I have seen my uncle visit our house since my childhood days. The uncle is not just a close friend of my father, but also a close Man of our family. Auntie lives outside Dhaka. So uncle and his son are alone here. I used to go sometimes to play at their home. Uncle used to adore me so much. He used to take me on his lap and kissed me and always told my mother to give me to him as his daughter because uncle was fond of girl child. However, the time has changed but manners did not. When he comes home, he still clears his head and hands on my back even on my parent's presence. Sometimes when my parents are not at home he comes to our home in the afternoon. He forced me to sit beside him and watch TV. Talks about adultery. He used to say that ‘’You have to learn these all and I will teach you!’’ I was so embarrassed. I felt dirty and dark. My parents don't have time. So he wants to take me to resort for a trip ......... Alone . I told Mom. She said" no". But uncle insists that his son is also coming and I’m like his daughter which was false. But my parents do not know what happened that afternoon.'- Unknown