A commitment to contributed to the environment and ensure sustainability through green initiatives.

Harmony with nature: our responsibility, our future

The importance of a sustainable environment cannot be overstated, particularly in the context of Bangladesh where the impacts of climate change are acutely felt. A sustainable environment is not just a matter of ecological balance; it is intricately linked to the well-being of communities, economies, and the overall resilience of the nation. In Bangladesh, a low-lying deltaic country, the effects of climate change, notably sea-level rise, cyclones, and changing precipitation patterns, pose severe challenges, particularly for marginalized communities residing in coastal and char areas.

Climate change disproportionately affects marginalized communities especially in coastal and char areas, exacerbating existing vulnerabilities. Rising sea levels and increased frequency of cyclones contribute to devastating storm surges, leading to the erosion of coastal lands and displacement of communities. As a result, marginalized populations find themselves grappling with the loss of homes, livelihoods, and essential infrastructure, exacerbating poverty and rendering them more susceptible to exploitation and health hazards.

Amal carries out a variety of projects in disaster-prone locations with the dual goals of encouraging environmental contributions and aiding the affected communities. These activities include:

Amal Foundation extends support to numerous individuals affected by climate-related adversities by offering them different income generation opportunities through different climate smart agriculture trainings which the people of these climate effected people to overcome the loss they face during any calamities. Amal’s commitment to these endeavors underscores its dedication to both humanitarian relief and sustainable environmental practices.

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