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Together we can challenge the threats to nature, and help ensure its ability to provide—for
the sake of every living thing, including ourselves.

OUR Project

About Our Project

It all began with a dream. A dream, to bring change, a dream to bring peace and a dream to equip humanity for deliverance. Realizing that, its small streams that lead up to make oceans, we began small.We took small baby steps, we fell down, cried, but rose again, never giving up, just like a baby learning to walk and rejoicing and cherishing every moment of the journey. Esrat Karim Eve our founder back in 2013, on 14th February unofficially took some street kids to a food stall and made the kids have “fuchka-a traditional street food. She spent the entire day with them, listening to them and learning about them.She learnt how some of these kids, instead of going to school and playing, worked as beggars, at tea stalls and road side eateries to keep a roof over their head and earn their daily meals. This one day would then go on to drive her to form Amal and build it as it is today.

Later that year, she along with some of her friends began teaching these street kids, as she believed every child has the right to education and it is our duty as privileged people to ensure that this right is upheld. Working, with these children she observed how these children and their families didn’t receive any health care. Observing this, she contacted some of friends that were doctors and started providing health care drives to the underprivileged.

And by taking all these small steps with hundreds of people joining our journey, we have piled up a number of projects for the betterment of mankind. Projects which are our brain child, in which we believe in and hope to bring changes for those who are in need. We desire to continue these innovations till we achieve our beautiful dream.