In the heart of our story is Amal Foundation, a place where hope isn’t just a concept; it’s the driving force behind everything we do.

Working Together Towards Powerful and Meaningful Change

Amal Foundation warmly encourages collaboration with organizations possessing diverse skills and extensive presence to join forces in various support initiatives. Committed to inclusivity, they seek partners with complementary expertise for initiatives such as Winter Cloth Distribution, Food Packs, Educational Equipment Support, Empowerment, Livelihood Training, Health, and Hygiene campaigns, as well as Environmental Advocacy. Through strategic partnerships, Amal aim to amplify impact by efficiently utilizing resources and addressing intricate challenges. This collaborative approach ensures a comprehensive response to community needs, fostering a resilient and radiant future. Amal Foundation invites like-minded organizations to unite, creating a powerful alliance that enhances the collective ability to make a positive difference.

Success Stories

Amal Foundation and One Ummah Charity, a UK-based organization, have long been partners in the wonderful tapestry of partnership. The symphony of their shared vision raised upward, establishing the groundwork for a collaboration that would cross boundaries and have a significant impact. Amidst the common ground of compassion, their collaboration unfolded into a cascade of successful projects. From the warmth of Winter Aid Distribution to nourishing souls through Food Pack Distribution, extending hope with Orphan Sponsorship, and embodying the beauty of Zakat, they’ve touched the lives of thousands. Each initiative stands as a testament to the transformative power of unity in creating positive change. This remarkable partnership, initiated in 2017, continues with a steadfast commitment to uplifting the marginalized in every conceivable way.