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ms. Esrat Karim

The town where I lived as a young child in Bangladesh, was not unlike many others in the country, not much of any infrastructure, a poor school system, no real employment opportunities, and work for people only available in the informal sector. Witnessing the daily struggles of these people including my neighbors, living hand to mouth, inspired me to make a difference. I wanted to help these underprivileged people, providing them with proper health services, education, counseling and other support they would need to get a fair chance at life. This is why I founded AMAL Foundation.

In the genesis of Amal Foundation, there exists the vision and passion of the founder Ms. Esrat Karim, a visionary whose commitment to transformative change has sculpted the organization’s trajectory. Ms. Esrat strongly believes that positive change begins with empowerment, education, and holistic well-being. She has advocated for revolutionary reform and women’s equality as well as women’s empowerment. For her philanthropic work, she was chosen as one of the Forbes 30 under 30 in 2020 (Asia) and also got featured in the Forbes Power Women’s’ Summit in 2022. She graduated from the University of Dhaka with a degree in Finance and went on to get a Master of Social Entrepreneurship from the University of Colorado in the United States.

Born in the vibrant tapestry of Bangladesh, Ms. Esrat Karim’s journey reflects a profound understanding of the challenges faced by marginalized communities. In 2014, She embarked on a mission to bring positive change to these people through Amal Foundation, aspiring to build a world where everyone enjoys a joyful and healthy life.

The five pillars of Amal Foundation stand as a cornerstone of Ms. Esrat’s philosophy. She believes each pillar is essential in creating a comprehensive approach to community well-being, and when combined, they provide a strong foundation, mirroring a philosophy that embraces an equitable and empowered society.

In addition to being recognized in Forbes 30 Under 30, she has received accolades as a young social entrepreneur, including honors such as Youth Icon 2018, YSSE Social Impact Award, GITA Global Award, Jolkona Catalyst Fellowship through a program by the US embassy in Seattle, SPARK* International, and designation as a Watson University Scholar.