Clean Water for All: “Building Wells, Building Lives”

The issue of freshwater scarcity in Bangladesh is a cause for deep concern, particularly in low-lying regions susceptible to annual floods. The relentless inundation of these areas exacerbates the common challenge of freshwater scarcity. The recurring floods not only disrupt the equilibrium of water sources but also amplify the urgency of addressing this pervasive issue to ensure sustainable access to clean and abundant water for the affected communities.

From the timeline of 2012 – 2022, Amal foundation in association with United Finance and One Ummah, initiated a comprehensive solution for this emerging problem. Their concerted efforts led to the construction of more than 750 tube wells spanning across the entire country such as Bogura, Sirajganj, Nilphamari, Gaibandha, Faridpur, Habiganj, Chandpur, Comilla, Rajbari, Cox’s Bazar, Barguna, and Naogaon, etc.

This pivotal undertaking not only guaranteed beneficiary families consistent access to safe and potable drinking water but also provided a sustainable source of freshwater for essential household tasks and personal hygiene practices. The installation of the water well has bestowed the invaluable gift of clean water upon the residents of the areas. This transformative initiative has significantly uplifted the communities, alleviating the burden of water scarcity that once weighed heavily on their lives. The tangible benefits of this endeavor resonate throughout, marking a substantial improvement in the overall well-being of the populace. Through this meaningful partnership, communities were empowered with a vital resource, significantly enhancing their overall well-being and fostering a healthier, more resilient living environment.