“Ijtema Health Camp”: Free Medical Care for All

Bishwa Ijtema, a significant event in Bangladesh, draws thousands of people from across the country and beyond. In this grand gathering spanning three days, the potential for health issues among devotees is high, necessitating immediate attention to prevent complications. The scale of Bishwa Ijtema poses health challenges, with the risk of illnesses escalating rapidly if not addressed promptly. The sheer number of attendees amplifies the urgency for healthcare interventions.

Amal Foundation responded proactively by organizing a dedicated healthcare camp during Ijtema. This initiative aimed to provide free healthcare services to people who attended the ijtema aged between 14 and 70, addressing the immediate health needs of the participants.

Amal’s initiative produced meaningful outcomes, extending free healthcare services to 1200 individuals during the Bishwa Ijtema. This timely intervention not only addressed immediate health concerns but also safeguarded the well-being of the beneficiaries, showcasing Amal’s steadfast commitment to nurturing health and resilience in expansive congregations.