“Project Refuge”: Rebuilding Rohingya Lives

“Project Refuge”: Rebuilding Rohingya Lives

Duration : 10 Dec 2023 To 15 Dec 2023

Location: Amal Foundation

Rohingya refugees face critical challenges in meeting basic needs, including access to clean water, adequate shelter, healthcare, and housing, sanitation facilities, mosques, schools, and skill centers education. Limited resources, overcrowded camps, and insufficient humanitarian aid exacerbate their plight, jeopardizing their well-being and hindering efforts to establish sustainable solutions for these marginalized communities.

With a view to help these people in need, since September 2017, Amal Foundation started to work with Rohingya refugees. Since that time Amal Foundation has conducted several projects for Rohingya refugees like building houses, sanitations, mosque, schools, skill centers for women. Additionally, provided them with ration packs, hygiene kit packs, winter kit packs, ramadan food packs, hot meals, ifter packs, Eid gift packs, toys, Qurbani, health camps, clean water, and orphan rehabilitation.

Amal with its dynamic partners such as One Ummah, Thrive, Hope Humanitarian, Muslim Aid, and AR-Rahman Trust has served more than 50 thousand destitute individuals through this refuge project. The cumulative result of these efforts is a profound and positive transformation in the lives of the Rohingya refugees, addressing various aspects of their well-being and fostering a sense of community resilience and growth.