Promise Learning Centre

Promise Learning Centre

Duration : 10 Dec 2023 To 15 Dec 2023

Location: Amal Foundation

Within the boundaries of the Jamtoli Rohingya Camp in Cox’s Bazar, the educational landscape for refugee children appears bleak. Impeded by underdevelopment and restricted access to educational resources, the geographical constraints act as additional barriers, narrowing the scope for learning opportunities. Children in this area confront substantial obstacles to education, including geographical isolation, limited infrastructure, and a lack of access to quality educational resources and transportation.

In our relentless pursuit to eliminate illiteracy, the “Promise Learning Centre’’ was inaugurated in 2018. This visionary initiative blossomed through a harmonious collaboration between the Amal Foundation and the “Hasmal Family,” bringing the gift of education to the Jamtoli Rohingya Camp in Cox’s Bazar. Enrolling 93 enthusiastic young minds, this education center provided not just formal education but also diverse initiatives such as complimentary meals, participation in various field activities and medical checkups for the children.

The establishment of this school serves as a gateway of opportunity for the underprivileged children within the confines of Jamtoli Rohingya Camp in Cox’s Bazar. Enrolling a total of 93 children, this center is dedicated to providing education with the noble goal of empowering young minds and cultivating a future illuminated by knowledge and promise.