Hope Child Friendly Space

Hope Child Friendly Space

Duration : 10 Dec 2023 To 15 Dec 2023

Location: Amal Foundation

Within the confines of Kutupalong Rohingya Camp in Cox’s Bazar, opportunities for education among refugee children are limited. Hindered by underdevelopment and restricted access to educational resources, geographical constraints further narrow the chances for learning. These children are struggling to access education.

In 2018, a transformative initiative ‘’Hope Child Friendly Space’’, led by Amal Foundation and Hope Humanitarian, brought significant benefits to refugee children in Cox’s Bazar. The inaugural session of the education center marked the enrollment of 70 eager young minds. Consequently, these children not only gained access to formal education but also enjoyed various advantages from diverse initiatives such as free foods. medical checkup and brain development activities.

The establishment of the education center became a cornerstone in unlocking educational possibilities for the community. The school’s multifaceted efforts significantly contributed to the educational journey of these children, paving the way for a brighter and more promising future as they lay the foundation for lifelong success.

Hope Child Friendly Space: