Climate Smart Agriculture: COUNTREE

Climate Smart Agriculture: COUNTREE

Duration : 10 Dec 2023 To 15 Dec 2023

Location: Amal Foundation

COUNTREE a social venture, is a sister concern of Amal Foundation and a healthy food company that makes value-added crop Quinoa and Chia Seeds. This venture has been formed to help the farmers of marginalized community based on char and coastal areas of Bangladesh. Due to natural disaster, most of the farmers lost their livelihood and face poverty. Through COUNTREE, these marginalized farmers are given an opportunity to have a stable income so that they could support their family.

Through this social venture, COUNTREE is growing Quinoa and Chia Seeds a potential agro products for many of us but a well-known superfood for America, Europe, and Eastern Asia.’ Quinoa and Chia seeds are both called ‘super food’ because of their nutritional character and can grow in many different weather conditions. They provide with many advantages, such as

  • They offer 3 times more profit margin than traditional crops such as rice and corn.
  • They are a great alternative of protein. A small amount of Quinoa or Chia seed could fulfill the demand of protein of an adult.
  • They could grow on saline water because of theirs salt tolerance characteristic

The procedure through which COUNTREE works is –

Currently, COUNTREE in association with UNDP is conducting a project in Kurigram where it is training around 40,000 women farmer to grow and process Quinoa and Chia Seeds. Apart from that COUNTREE is also creating market linkage with urban health conscious customers so that farmer’s project could easily be accessed by the Urban consumers.